Communicational Leadership Problems Of Sunglass Icon At Disney Springs

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This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current communicational leadership problems of Sunglass Icon at Disney Springs. This retail store is part of the Sunglass Hut family, for this reason, they share the same mission of being the premier shopping and inspiration destination for the top brands, late trends and executive styles of high-quality fashion and performance sunglasses. For the past seven months of being part of the sunglass icon family, I notice and experience a variety of communicational problems such as, not giving the right product knowledge, lack of instructions, the absence of attention to associates, deficiency of discussion during problem-solving.
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The store was fully remodeled by the summer of 2012, with strong black architectural storefront portal that is offset by the soft glow of color-changing lights, also, it has a focal wall made of two layers of patterned glass and a back layer with a two-way mirror to allow for visibility and dynamic reflections (kenox, 2012). The store has a minimum of 1,100 pairs for the customer to try on, with a variety of more than 40 brands, including Tiffany, Coach, Burberry, Ray-Ban, Oakley and Maui Jim. With such a great diversion of sunglasses, the store promises customers to find the perfect …show more content…

The Cognitive Model- This model proposes that participation in decision making improves that upward and downward flow of information. The idea behind this model is to bring a better pool of information by using all levels of participation. In this case, bringing important information from the associates and information from managers can help to find a common solution helping the organization to have a better knowledge of what is going on and how to problems from the main roots.

Figure 5. The Cognitive Model of Participative Decision Making (Miller, 2015)

The following section is an example of communicational problems and how it was addressed. This scenario was a current situation that I personally experiencing within the store, it also help us see how ineffective an organization can be if communication is not taking place by the most important people in the organization, in this case, the management team.
1. Personal Scenario

a. Background history- The old store manager, Brandom Dumas, hired me in September of 2015. During my experience, I had seen many problems within the organization that can be easily resolved. At the beginning, I saw the lack of product knowledge, lack of facilitation of instructions, and especially facilitates the framing for discussion of

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