Edward Lampert The Ineffective Leader In Retailer Case Analysis

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Edward Lampert “The ineffective leader in retail segment”
In this document the author will analyse the leadership qualities of Edward Lampert on the basis of his performance in Sears. Leadership can be defined as the ability to lead and organization or a group of people and help them to achieve their objectives. Effective leaders build strong communication bond with the employees and they also help the organization to increase its revenue and sales. Emotional intelligence is also an added quality of effective leaders (Batool, 2013). The leadership style of Lampert was director and analyser. All the data used in this document is secondary i.e. journal articles, webpages, presentations etc.
Edward S. Lampert was appointed as the CEO of Sears in January 2013 and he stepped down from the post on May 2013 due to family health issues. Lampert was controlling half of the shares of company through his ESL fund investment. The company flounder under the leadership of Lampert and few analyst often ranked him as the world’s worst CEO (McIntyre & Calio, 2015). He proved to be an ineffective leader for Sears. The company suffered a huge loss, decreased revenue and declined sales at its stores under the leadership of Lampert (Hartung, 2015). Sears failed under the leadership of Lampert because of many reasons. Lampert didn’t have enough experience in sales and his strategies was not competent enough for the organization. Lampert treated Sears as a hedge fund rather than a retailer. He was

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