Company Overview: SWOT Analysis Of Cango

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As with many retailers nowadays, CanGo has an increasing potential to continue growth exponentially through the current business model. This is due to the unlimited amount of prospective consumers drawn to the CanGo site to purchase from the companies diverse product mix. CanGo currently has a strong diversified product line focused within the entertainment industry. Such products currently offered are books, CS, DVD’s, online gaming, and videos. CanGo’s management team and staff regularly seek solutions to improve the customer experience by viewing the product and services offered from the customer-centric focused perspective.
CanGo suffers heavily from the lack of organized leadership. The senior management team is regularly in conflict with each other over what projects to start, how to properly conduct an analysis if the project is good for the company, the social/ and ethical implications of a given project, and the impact a given project would truly hold over the companies long term feasibility. …show more content…

By formulating the strategic plan, it will allow CanGo to better clarify the company’s short, mid, and long term goals, and clearly point the direction of the company into the future. This responsibility falls upon the executive management team, and relies on input from the Board. CanGo struggles with clearly communicating assigned tasks, and project deliverables to the staff. Therefore, staff are left without guidance, and unclear of the prioritization of tasks, deadlines for deliverables, and pass the given responsibility off to another employee to get rid of it. CanGo does not have the funds to enter into new projects, or make larger purchases. CanGo has been struggling with increases in poor customer satisfaction. By implementing QC check stops before products ship, it will ensure proper shipment of product, and accountability to meet the deadline to ship

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