Compare And Contrast Apple And Samsung

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The analysis of the strategy adopted by two firms doing similar business in the same industry

Electronics industry
First of all, electronics industry has many firms; some of them are taking the lead, having the biggest market shares and dominating the others because of their sustainable competitive advantage.
Apple and Samsung are very good example in electronics industry. A duopoly is market conditions in which two firms are producing the same kind of product have control over the market. It 's a condition in which two companies own all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or services.

In the recent decade, the technological phenomenon of the smartphone market has proliferated further and further as an essential tool of communication, organization, information, social utility and entertainment for the modern era. For years, the smartphone market was dominated by the two tech titans Apple and Samsung.

These two firms have leaded the market towards a duopoly industry structure. Starting from the making of Apple’s iPhone, and then met by an equally competent challenge from Samsung’s Galaxy. It is no doubt that the smartphone market duopoly has been very difficult for the competition.

Different performance by apple and Samsung

From creating and designing computers to delivering the I Products, Apple has come a long way. It has placed itself in the most redefining moment of our generation; Apple is at the epicenter of the technological revolution era.

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