Compare And Contrast Pearl Harbor And Hawaii

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The United States saved Midway and Hawaii. World War II started on December 7, 1941, because Japan attacked the U.S. navy at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The Battle of Midway began June 3, 1942 when United States bombers struck at the Japanese forced and destroyed Japan's first line carrier and best trained pilots. The first atomic bomb was built in Los Alamos New Mexico(Pearl Harbor)
In April 1940 the United States Army and Naval troops and ships moved from San Diego California to Pearl Harbor Hawaii. In July 1941 Japan became more aggressive and the U.S. takes action by freezing all Japanese cash and goods in the U.S. and cuts off all oil supplies to Japan. On December 7, 1941 Japan launched an attack on against the United States Naval base in Pearl Harbor (Pearl Harbor 9). Japanese planes were flying everywhere, guns blasting and bombs were dropping. It only took minutes for the skilled pilots to turn the harbor into a disaster. The Japanese flew so low that they could see the pilots from the ground(Pearl Harbor).
The Pearl Harbor attack severely hurt the U.S. Naval and air strength in the Pacific. There were three aircraft carriers that are apart of the Pacific fleet and were not involved in Pearl Harbor. Out of the eight …show more content…

It was dropped by the U.S. on Japan. The atomic bomb was under a program called the Manhattan Project which was a secret war time effort to build the world's first nuclear weapon. The explosion had the force of more than fifteen thousand tons of dynamite and instantly devastated 4.4 square miles. Seventy thousand were killed immediately by the end of the year the death toll had passed one hundred thousand. The atomic bombs code name was called project Y. Three days after the first bomb was dropped another one was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The atomic bomb was controlled by a remote and was dropped from one hundred story building(Atomic

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