Compare And Contrast September Song And The Autumn Gate

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Artist vs. Self The American art scene is home is to a compilation of skilled artists. One such artist was Thomas Kinkade. He was highly regarded for the treatment of light in his works, earning him the title Painter of Light. However, he had many more styles of painting. Under the brush name Robert Girrard, Kinkade painted a collection of pieces that distinguished themselves from his signature look, yet still had a “Kinkade” touch. These difference and similarities can clearly be seen when comparing and contrasting his works September Song and The Autumn Gate. A clear difference in technique is present between September Song and The Autumn Gate. As a Robert Girrard piece, September Song is painted in an impressionist style. This style is defined by the rough, short brushstrokes that give the painting a textured look. In this specific painting, the single brushstrokes are visible all around. They especially stand out in the grass and leaves. These wide strokes create a vague, though recognizable, subject. One can also see the several different colors of unblended strokes that combine to make up the landscape. This is …show more content…

Looking at September Song, how does it make one feel? The pale palette and sunset image give off a mood of calm. The forest has a certain tranquility about it. The impressionist style of the work even gives a somewhat dreamy feel to it. This painting creates the peaceful feeling of strolling along a country lane on a cool fall evening. The Autumn Gate has a little more energy to it. Maybe the air feels crisper, the walk a little brisker. The wood in The Autumn Gate doesn’t pose a sense of danger, but might feel a bit wilder. The chiaroscuro style of The Autumn Gate helps to develop the energy, light standing out against dark. The actual gate also peaks curiosity. Where does this road lead? The shadow swallowing the bend doesn’t give any hints. The overall painting sets an intriguing

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