Compare And Contrast The Devil's Arithmetic

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The Devil's Arithmetic are both very similar, but at the same time very different. When you feel the same emotion as you did watching the movie in the book you might think the are alike, but there is more to the picture. For instance, you feel the same emotion, but while you feel the emotion, you notice that the plot is quite different. The Devil's Arithmetic is a great example, I think, that both the movie and the book can be very different, but still get the same theme, the same lesson, across to the reader or watcher. Devil's Arithmetic, the book form, is written by a women of Jane Yolen. She wrote the book to show people, to tell people, to teach people, to never forget. In the book it starts out with a girl by the name of Hannah, who thinks of herself, and not of everything that has happened around her. Her mind and opinions is quickly changes as she falls back in…show more content…
I know that I said that most of the book and the movie was the same but not identical, here is the not identical details I will talk about. For instance, the plot. Very little of the events changed but if it did, it was quite slim. For another instance, instead of starting at home, like in the book, in the movie she started in the tattoo shop. Another example would be how she teleports in a field in the book and the movie has her teleport right into the house. There are more differences than just the plot of the story, in the book when Hannah is teleported back in time she is called Chya, but in the movie she is still called Hannah. Another differences from the book to the movie is the characters. Yitzchak, a butcher in the movie, makes brave and courageous actions to help the others around him and even escape from the camp, but sadly he is not a part of the movie. Another example would have to Gitl, Gitl is Hannah, also known as Chya’s, new adopted mother. She plays a big part in the book being very faithful and having plentiful amounts of hope to share to
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