Comparing Antigone Now And Dr. Seuss Books And Reading The Odyssey

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There is a big difference between reading Dr.Seuss books and reading the Odyssey. Although some may argue they 're more similar than you may think. Authors slide in subtle writing techniques and themes to portray the moral or message they are trying to convey. No matter the level of writing or the type of story line similarities can always be found. This semester we have looked at many pieces of writing, including “Okay”, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, Antigone Now, “Civil Disobedience”, and “The Ones Who Walk Away”. We analysed all of these pieces looking for themes addressing responsibility and found that even though each is quite different the authors use very similar writing techniques. Multiple writings shared the writing techniques pathos, the individual versus a community, and family to convey responsibility in the texts. The most impactful literature is the ones that pull at our heartstrings. Provoking emotion in a reader sucks them into the story. Pathos is a literary technique that sparks pity or sadness in the reader, makes the reader hope there will be a solution. Pathos is an effective way to portray the idea of responsibility and these texts utilize that. In Antigone Now emotion is provoked throughout the story, by the author uses of Antigone 's pain from the death of her loved ones to reach out to the audience. In the story the chorus says “Poor babies. Their mama hung herself when the truth came out, and their daddy went crazy. Gouged out his eyes, and
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