Comparison Of Pachelbel And Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty

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In my first ballet lessons the teacher taught me that all music has a different quality and that a dancer’s job is to live up to the quality of the music. Music is an integral part of dance; often the dance and the music are inseparable. Classical music has been playing throughout my life since the age of three, as it is predominantly used in ballet. Johann Pachelbel and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky are two of my favorite composers, specifically Pachelbel’s canon and Tchaikovsky’s composition of Sleeping Beauty. I love the purity and intricacy of classical music and love dancing to compositions that implement different string instruments.
As I began to train in modern, hip-hop, and contemporary, I found a deep appreciation for contemporary, instrumental, pop, and jazz music, which can be substantially harder to dance to because of the rhythmic differences. Philip Glass and the Piano Guys are among my favorite composers to dance to. I also enjoy dancing to popular songs on the radio. These songs are interesting to dance to because sometimes I dance to the lyrics and other times I dance to emphasize the melodies behind the lyrics. Dancing to songs is an entirely different feeling because the lyrics often tell a story and dancers can choose to use the lyrics of ignore them. …show more content…

It makes mundane tasks like folding laundry or doing homework more enjoyable. Music is always playing in the background of my life; I often find that it helps me de-stress. When listening to certain songs I feel an overwhelming peace take over me. That is why I love music, because it has the ability to change my mood in an instant. One song, if it’s the right song, can change my entire day. Songs are a way that I can time travel. When I hear a song that reminds me of an event in my past, I get teleported to the event and the warm feeling of nostalgia takes over. Listening to a song that I can personally relate to can be one of the best feelings in the

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