Competitive Advantage Of Starbucks

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1) Starbucks is a company that has been in the coffee industry for a long time. It continues to enjoy a leading position in the United States, which is its home country where it sells approximately 50% of the specialty coffee that is sold in the United States for many years. The company has continued to dominate the industry as well as its local competitors. Its generic competitive advantage emanates from its high-quality coffee, which helps to differentiate it from its competitors. The company is very keen on ensuring that its coffee is different from the rest of the competitors. The process starts by bean procurement where it selects the highest quality beans that are firmly specialty varieties of Arabica beans. The company inspects the brews to ensure that it matches the flavor, taste, and aroma that it needs. This consistent way of giving customers the same taste of quality coffee has served a competitive advantage to this company. Further, the company places its cafes and restaurants in strategic places where customers can see it. It does not need to invest a lot of money in advertising since customers recognize its brand using its unique LOGO (Melissa 260).
The company values its employees, and this has helped the company in performing well in the market. Treating employees in a fair manner and compliance with labor practices has been a tremendous competitive advantage since it encourages motivation and high performance.
2) Choosing high-quality coffee beans is an

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