Porter Strategy In Market Research

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Strategy can be defined as the direction of an organization taken for the long term over the long-term Johnson and Scholes (2003) defines strategy, ideally which matches resources to its changing environment and its particular markets, customers and clients, so as to meet stakeholders’ expectations. Meanwhile, Porter (1985) suggests that competitive strategy is in the rational school of thought and provides an essential framework for understanding and analysing the environment within which the organization operates and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the competitive forces within the market. Porter (1985) believes that such an understanding will assist the organization in formulating a view on the current and future environment and…show more content…
Whereas Porter (1985) suggests that lower prices are often linked to a lower cost position associated with modest or low quality. Nevertheless, some organizations are able to accomplish the ideal through such means as excellence in innovation or strong economies of scale; hence, value can be delivered through perceived quality, lower prices, or optimally, both. (Hill, 1988; White, 1986)
1.4 Outlines of the methodology
Marketing research is defined as the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data and finding relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company, additionally a marketing research will have to have a definition of the problem, decision alternatives, and research objectives, developing of a research plan, collecting the information, analysing it and presenting the findings to make decisions. (Kotler, Keller, Koshy and Jha, 2009)
The primary data are those which are collected afresh and for the first time, and thus happen to be original in character. (Kothari 2004). The primary research data will be used to gather information for this research. There are a number of methods to collect primary data using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, such as observation and surveys. For this research the author will be focusing more on quantitative research data to capture
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As a secondary option focus groups are also an excellent way of obtaining a variety of perspectives and exploring concepts. (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2000) The focus groups will be conducted, where a set of people is encouraged into discussing about different aspects of the product, such as the product itself, competitor’s products, and the organization, with a skilled moderator. The information gathered will be analysed to understand customer beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour. This technique will relatively be unstructured in terms of measurement and will allow the researcher to learn customer views and perception towards the

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