Compsis: Company's Strategic Choices

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After studying the Compsis case study, describe the company’s strategic choices. Compsis, an organization founded in 1989 in the Brazilian industrial city of São José dos Campos, has various strategic choices at its disposal. With huge successes in the Brazilian market, the organization reputed for establishing electronic toll collection systems has a strategic choice to look beyond the Brazilian market in order to expand the growth of the organization and to guarantee a sustainable financial future (Lehrich, Paredes, & Ravikumar, 2009). A significant strategic choice for Compsis is to empower its business team to draw out plans on how to obtain ETC contract in countries such as Australia and the United states. This strategic choice would be magnificent because Compsis products are sophisticated and buyers in these advanced economies would gladly embrace the offer. That is why the …show more content…

For instance, collaborating with Philips was a marvelous strategic choice because Philips, as an American technology company specializes in hardware installation while Compsis could handle the software projects. Furthermore, Philips already had a foothold in the Australia market and had the local contacts which Compsis could build its business foundation on. Another invaluable strategic choice for Compsis is to introduce multiple products apart from the SICAT 4 which is sophisticated and expensive for developing economies. For example, customers in countries such as India, and those in the Latin America might not afford the high price tag on the SICAT 4 rather they will prefer a low-quality product that is both cheap and manageable. So the strategy is to produce SICAT 4 for developed economies while also meeting the needs of countries that cannot afford the expensive products by producing something cheaper for

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