Concert Observation Essay

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I had never been to a musical performance quite like this before. I had only seen an organ once at the Tabernacle Church in Utah, but had never heard it played before. I also had never heard a harp in person. This concert was a new experience for me.
The concert began with a pianist, Eric Paricio. Eric played three selected movements from Courage of Creation: passion, possibilities, and overcome. Passion was a crescendo dynamic piece. It began with a soft piano sound and gradually got louder. The tempo of the piece also changed throughout, it began with a largo temp and gradually moved to a presto tempo. Towards the end there was a decrescendo sound and the tempo also mellowed out. Passion reminded me of a piece that would be played at an elegant event. The next piece was called Possibilities. This piece had vivo tempo. It also had a crescendo dynamic. The third piece, Overcome was much like the other two pieces, the tempo was always changing on the spectrum gradually from largo to vivo. While watching, Eric preform …show more content…

I learned that the pedals on the bottom of the harp change the pitch of each string. While Abigail was playing I also noticed how the harp and her body shared a motion. Abigail played two pieces, Cadena and Aria from “Lucia di Lamnermoor” composed by Gaetno Donizetti. Throughout this piece I noticed there would be multiple high notes and then one low. This piece had many parts where there would be an allegro tempo with very high notes. The second piece, Siciliana composed by Ottorino Respighi and transcribed for harp by Marcel Grandjay. This piece was very soothing for me. It has a soft adagio beginning. As the piece continued in a crescendo way, the low notes even seemed soft which was incredible to hear. Abigail’s body movement showed her emotional value of the music. During the two pieces, she demonstrated the talent it takes for a musician to perform and the skill of playing an

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