Confidentiality Interview

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Today I interviewed a 15 year old caucasian male from the Danville area, for confidentiality I will refer to my subject as Frank for the duration of this paper. Frank has a unique life so far compared to his peers, as he has lived in 4 different places in his upbringing so far. Frank has 3 siblings 2 brother which are older than him and 1 sister whom is younger than he is. Before interviewing Frank I already noticed that he seemed like a very forward person, and outgoing person, which is one of the reasons why I picked him as a prime candidate for my subject. Frank is attending a local high school where he is a freshman, I first asked Frank what he was most nervous or anxious about going into high school. He said that all the new expectations…show more content…
Next I asked Frank if he thought men or women had advantages in society or were they both about equal. Obviously this question evoked some laughing and deflecting because he was trying to avoid being sexist. Frank said that both males and females have advantages and disadvantages, he started off with the social reasons first saying that in general getting prepared for a day in far more intensive for females because most use make-up, do their hair, and jewelry. Whereas men typically do not car about their appearance as much as females and the process is far less elaborate. Granted all these statements were generalities, as I know many females whom are more manly than myself, but as a general statement I think that is fair to say, and I would agree with his point. Females that did not play the part while I was growing up got made fun of or were labeled by other girls. Females are very critical of other females, me personally could never handle the social condemning from other females for not playing the part of “female” to their standards. Frank on the other hand said that males are expected to ask girls out or take the lead in traditional relationship settings. He said that the entire process of asking girls out is very nerve racking and causes him lots of stress. I can relate exactly to Frank as not much has changed in asking girls out department, I would play the scenario out in my head 1000 times before asking a girl out. The situation that I played out never went as planned and I usually did not use english it was more of a ramble and the girl would eventually save me. Nevertheless it was a very awkward and scary learning experience, that to this day I have never gotten better

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