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Conrad Hilton, the son of local businessman, Augustus Holver (an immigrant from Norway) and Mary Genevieve (Laufersweifer). He has seven siblings, Felice A. Hilton, Eva C. Hilton, Carl H. Hilton, Julian Hilton, Rosemary J. Hilton, August H. Hilton, and Helen A. Hilton. He was born on 25 December, in 1887 at San Antonio, New Mexico. Hilton began attended to the School at Goss Military Institute in Albuquerque ( New Mexico Military Institute), St. Michael’s collage in Santa Fe and spent two years in the New Mexico school of Mines. In 1912, he was serving to the state legislature at Republican. Hilton enrolled in 1917 and served under the Quartermaster Corps of the American Expeditionary Force during World war two, and discharged in 1917. After…show more content…
In 1919, he invests his money to purchase his first hotel the Mobley Hotel in Cisco. With the passing year, he made a successful occupation as an hotelier. Within a year only, he received his investment money in his fist hotel the Mobley Hotel. Next, he purchases the Melba motel in Ft. worth and the Waldolf in dallas. His first hotel was inaugurated in 1925. During Great depression, His business grew and he opened a new hotel every year. He faced with the huge financial problems and its cause him to lose eight hotels. Even though he got help from Shern and William, L. Moody. Jr., of Galveston and other investors, the merger failed and go bankrupt again. However, he repossessed his owned companies operation, and bought back eight of his hotel. In 1934, Hilton decided to build his first outside of Texas names Andaluz. In 1942, He moved his corporate headquarters to Los Angeles. Hilton formed the Hilton hotels corporation in 1946 and in 1947 his company becomes the first hotel chain in the New York. After few years, he formed the Hilton Hotels International company and The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York leased the best hotel in the world. In 1954, he made the biggest deal in the history of America. He purchased Statler Hotel for $110,000,000. During, 1960s, the company expanded the operation into car rental, credit card, and his son Barron persuaded him to trade Hilton international in Tans World Airways. In 1996, Hilton reins from work by passing control to his son-Barron Hilton. However, he remains on as the chairman of the management. HE also known as an American Hotelier and Businessman and the founder of Hilton’s hotel

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