Us Constitution Dbq Essay

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The United States Constitution is a vital part of the country’s government and society. The Constitution was written in June of 1788, and it would become the center of a country. The Constitution insures the rights of all Americans, from birth to death. It also insures a strict set of rules-which can ensure justice is perused, and laws are made. The Constitution wasn’t always the center of the United States government however. It is hard to believe that our government was once held together on the foundation of a horribly flawed declaration, The Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was considered to be the United States first Constitution. (, Articles of Confederation) The Articles of Confederation was an extremely weak form of the Constitution, leaving most of its power within individual states. And the states often grew agitated with the feeble Articles. The reason that The Constitution was needed was simple; the United States …show more content…

The purpose of the convention was to form a better and stronger form of United States Constitution. Some important figures in the convention included the former commander in chief, George Washington; Benjamin Franklin-a well-educated man who had made many advances in science, John Dickinson, a Princeton-educated man, and James Madison-wanted to make a bold-yet balanced government. ( Constitutional Convention and Ratification) The main ideas assessed in The Constitutional Convention were varied, from the idea of popular serenity (the idea that the majority of a vote is usually correct), the separation of powers in government, and to define states laws. ( What was the Purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787?) The Constitutional Convention also discussed the separation of powers-meaning that the three branches of government couldn’t have more power than the president or other forms of the

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