Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation Essay

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The goal of education is to build children as capable, useful, productive and responsible members of the society by providing adequate learning experiences and opportunities to children to gain knowledge, to acquire skill and competence; to refine the attitude and to nurture all sorts of creativity in the children. India has been making experiments in the field of education since it got freedom in 1947 to draw the best out of its classrooms. After a very long debate and discussion a sea change was targeted in the assessment in school education and Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) was introduced in 2010. It was urged and hoped that it would shift the focus of education from need of learning to love for learning;
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Assessment refers to the collection of data about learner’s behavioural change, its magnitude, direction etc due to classroom instruction and test is one of the ways and a formal way of collecting data for assessment. There are many other formal ways and also informal ways of collecting data about the behavioural changes in the learner. Evaluation is a post assessment step of analysing and interpreting the data collected through assessment. Through evaluation we can reach at the causes of success or failure, attitude of the learners towards different elements of education. CCE includes both the formal and informal ways of data collection and varieties of ways of data collection for assessment. Broadly CCE has two main features, i.e. continuous and comprehensive. As defined by the CBSE the term ‘continuous’ in CCE means regularity and continuity in assessment and ‘comprehensive’ means that the assessment will assess the holistic development (both scholastic and co-scholastic) of the learner and it would include manifold tools and techniques of assessment. It also includes the term evaluation. That means CCE cannot end with assessment, it has to go further for evaluating the data collected through assessment and appropriate remedial intervention will be made for achieving the required learning

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