Core Components And Reflection In Education And The Goal Of Education

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1. INTRODUCTION The goal of education is to build children as capable, useful, productive and responsible members of the society by providing adequate learning experiences and opportunities to children to gain knowledge, to acquire skill and competence; to refine the attitude and to nurture all sorts of creativity in the children. India has been making experiments in the field of education since it got freedom in 1947 to draw the best out of its classrooms. After a very long debate and discussion a sea change was targeted in the assessment in school education and Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) was introduced in 2010. It was urged and hoped that it would shift the focus of education from need of learning to love for learning; (NCERT, 2000) it would reduce anxiety and stress of the learners; it would assess the learners holistically and it would enhance the level of learning performance due to timely diagnosis and appropriate remedial intervention. Though it is widely discussed and largely implemented in the whole country, it is still in the experiment stage and keeps a large scope for improvement for yielding the best output. Syllabus has three key interactive constituents, viz. learning objectives, instructional activities and assessment, which influence each other in the learning process (Fig-1). The instructional activities include the methodology of teaching, classroom interaction, techniques, strategies and the teaching-learning materials. All these three

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