Crime And Imprisonment Research Paper

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Blaine Rodriguez
GEC #3

Crime and imprisonment affect our community in so many different ways it’s apparent. Statistically the United States is actually the worst when it comes to these issues. It’s up to our generation and the current workforce to help change our society for the better.
Gender seems to be very controversial when it comes to crime and imprisonment. It is basically stated right off the bat in the section about victims and perpetrators of crime that men are more likely than women to commit crimes. The criminal justice system sees male violence as a normal way of life and approaches female offenders as if there is something wrong mentally. The ratio of women to men in prisons is incredibly imbalanced. Women are …show more content…

The key difference here is that crimes committed among people of the middle and lower social class affect a relatively small group while crimes committed within the middle and upper classes typically affect larger groups of people. White-collar crimes, for example, are rather difficult to assess and as crazy as it sounds, these individuals don 't always go to prison. It might even be safe to say that offenders of these “high class” crimes walk away scot-free more often than the others. The criminal justice system seems to be more focused in the smaller scale crimes. Ironically, these offenders are almost always sent to …show more content…

People are making more money than ever and that directly relates to more expensive property they own. This means the opportunities for crime are higher than ever as well as the impulses to commit them. A control theorist by the name of Travis Hirschi rightfully claims how people are selfish and they mentally contemplate the benefits and the risks. A teenager could potentially become a criminal from their lack of commitment or involvement within society, they don 't have very much to worry about while their benefits are high. Members of the upper social class are less likely to be imprisoned because of the fact that they have money and connections, their risks are low while benefits are also high. Belief is a critical component of this theory as well. If people believe a law is in place to hinder their well being, then they are more likely to be

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