Criminal Psychology Case Study

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Task 1; In your own words define the term criminal psychology
There are many reasons for the disagreement and unofficial definition of the term ‘’Criminal Psychology’’. If I asked a stranger on the street to give me their definition of the topic, they would more than likely say ‘’someone who deals with catching criminals’’ or ‘’them people from criminal minds’’. In my opinion it’s much more than that.
Criminal Psychology is the finding, studying and understanding of people who disobey the legal system.

Task 2; Explain the difference between crime and deviance and give three examples of each. Also give three examples of actions that are both criminal and deviant.
As strange as it sounds, some people think not all ‘’crimes’’ are against the …show more content…

The role of a criminal psychologist is not just to use their expertise to figure out the mind of a criminal, but it is also used for understanding, developing and improving the life of the people they deal with.
When a person commits a crime that the police cannot fully understand or handle, they can call in the help of a criminal psychologist. Different methods of solving and understanding a situation can be used.
Criminal psychologists are involved in many parts of the legal process, whether its interviews, assessments, therapy or prison life, they can have a huge input on a case.

Example; a man is struggling with a divorce, his kids have no time for him now that his ex-wife hates him. The whole situation makes him extremely angry and one day he is doing his weekly grocery shopping and the cashier makes a mistake with his change. The man has completely had it with all this stress in his life so he attacks the cashier and almost leaves him paralysed.
This is an example of a minor case but a criminal psychologist could be requested to come in and figure out why this man committed such a random deviant …show more content…

This is not the case. There is a lot of aftercare and help involved with criminals nowadays. Drug and alcohol addicts can be in need of assistance in prison because they want to get better and improve their life. A drug lord that was selling hundreds of euro worth of cocaine to people in his area for several years was caught and sent to prison. He realised in prison that he wanted to better himself so a Criminal Psychologist was recommended to him. The two met weekly for talks about how he could better himself and why he wanted a new

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