Critical Thinking Worksheet

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One of the hardest units for me was sensation and perception. I had trouble remembering the path of light, the pathway of sound, and other processes. This worksheet gives a quick review of all this and is a good way to study this material before the AP exam. Although this worksheet is not fun, it should be given to the students to act as a quick cheat sheet or reference paper.

Another unit I struggled with, was the one that focused on the brain. There is a lot to know when learning about the different functions of the brain, and it is difficult to memorize all of it. This crossword puzzle is a somewhat fun way to refresh the students memory of the many functions of the brain. It will also tell the students what they need to work on. …show more content…

Because of this I Googled videos to help explain the concepts quickly and easily. I found this Crash Course video helpful in explicating the concepts about sensation and perception well enough to get the gist of the information. There are many other Crash Course videos that explain the history of psychology, consciousness, conditioning, motivation, and others. Watching many of these videos and reviewing the study guide materials on schoology, I felt prepared going into the

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