Dance Monologue

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Niall 's POV I wanted to go to the dance but I would be miserable there. After I told everyone that I had a deep secrect hatred for them and that my sister was Hope...well I guess it 's not a secret anymore but everyone hates me. I 'm glad I don 't have to be fake anymore. I really did hate them. They had fake problems and fake personalities it was all a big head ache. I don 't know how Jess actually liked those people. The only good thing that came from that break up was that I don 't have to lie anymore I can be myself. I can be the brother I always wanted to be I can do what I want to do without being ridicule for it. Thinking back on it popularity is a joke. Who in the hell wants to be popular I mean yeah you get noticed but it 's not …show more content…

"But Jess has to tell me something before we can be all happy go lucky." Hope says I look at Jess to see if she 's ok with that and she nods her head. I step back and sit on the couch with Jess hoping that this question isnt going to start any fights. Everyone is sitting on the floor and other furniture in the living room waiting to hear this question too. "Why do you hate me so much what drived you to hate me so much ." I didn 't know she cared that much about why Jess hated. Jess opens her mouths to speak but closes it just as quickly. I look at Jess and she look me in the eye begging me with her eyes. "I actually want to know this too your an ok person Jess I mean your not overly nice but your not a bitch either your just that way with my sister." "Ok I awnser the fucking question..... you remind me of my sister and I hate my sister so much so I just took my anger out on you for all these years and now that I 'm saying it out loud I realize how stupid that sounds." Jess say I know that 's just part of the story and so did everyone else but I could tell she didn 't want to speak about it any further. I gave Hope that 'don 't push it any further than that ' look and she nodded.

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