Summary Of Helmets In David Weisman's Disposable Heroes

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The use of Helmets
According to David Weisman, a Neurologist in Pennsylvania, in his essay Disposable Heroes he clarifies that with or without helmets getting hit in the head period, can be fatal. Lane Wallace, an adventure writer and pilot, who contributes regularly to Sport aviation and is honorary member of the United States Air force Society of Wild Weasels contrary to Weisman in her essay Do Sports Helmets Help or Hurt? She thinks that helmets are both good and bad. Over the years many people have questioned if the use of helmets is actually good or bad. Weisman and Wallace have different side of views about helmets. Weisman explains the consequences of getting hit in the head, how people react with the game, and Wallace believes that safety has to do more with culture and the more people get restrictions the more they are …show more content…

Even though lacrosse is the same game female’s rules are dramatically different than the male’s rules. When it comes to concussions lacrosse ranks third in female sport behind basketball and soccer. One can not explain watching the flatscreen that hangs of every wall, or the brutal athleticism they capture (Weisman,par. 3). Like Weisman clarifies football just like lacross is a dangerous game. Even with different rules females concussions rate only 15 percent lower than boy’s. This makes it clear that no matter the protection, the game should be the one changing instead of the protection.
Safety equipment does not always increase safety the way its designers or legislators think it will. A study found football helmets on average reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury by only 20 percent compared to not wearing helmets. Alarmingly, those helmets with the least protection are the most popular ones out in the field. It is most likely for player to keep getting hurt than for the NFL or any other organization to ban a game that brings the attention of millions of

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