Horseback Riders Should Not Wear Helmets

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Helmets don't prevent all accidents, so what's the point of wearing them? I've gotten thrown off my horse and broken bones or have gotten some nasty brusies! I've gotten thrown and have hit my head as well, I've always worn a helmet which has never helped my migraines or headaches. In fact I believe it has influenced them. Helmets are not a reliable safety source because, they become uncomfortable, they are not the best way to stay safe, and they don't prevent all trauma to the body. Some critics might say, Helmets should be used to prevent trauma and injuries to the head however, when you look at the facts, helmets aren’t really necessary. Horseback riders should not have to wear a helmets because they are not worth the time or money. Helmets …show more content…

For example, I've broken my arm multiple times getting thrown off my horse and I always wear my helmet! When I get thrown off i'm normally left with migraines and headaches after getting thrown. Accidents obviously still happen with or without a helmet. Growing up Laura Crum was in a team roping family, her best friend was to. She had been at a team roping when a major accident had happened. There was a man getting ready to go in the roping box, his horse was being a little frisky and was rearing, (Meaning, the horse rises on his front legs leaving his hind on the ground). In a team ropers mind one of the best ways to fix this is to shorten up their tie-down to keep their head in place. (Tie-down= a tack piece that attaches to there head with a “rope” like feature that connects to their cinch). The horse reared up all the way and fell on the man. This killed him. The doctor said that there really wasn't any awful or bad trauma to the head, it's the other damaged pieces of his body that killed him. Even if he was wearing a helmet he stilled would have died. (Laura Crum 3) says that team roping accidents like this happen all the time. A friend of mine that I personally rodeo with doesn't wear a helmet either, her mom doesn't believe in them. They have told me a story that had happened at a big show called “state” in Springfield,IL. A teen boys horse was getting a little out of control and bucked him of. The boy was required to wear a helmet and his helmet got stuck on a hook like feature in the practice arena. He was basically hanging by his head until workers got him down, now if he wasn't wearing a helmet he could have had a bad fall or hurt his head. The head can't always be the worry, his helmet could have killed him in that moment. Laura was told by another friend she grew up with about an accident at a riding school. All kids are required to wear

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