Dear L3c Mentor And Future Leaders

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Dear L3C Peer Mentors and future leaders, One thing that you must know is that each year is different. What you expected from this year’s students will not be what you get. They will be far more interesting, lovable, and better than you can imagine. As their mentor, you will need to build a relationship with each. Every freshman needs a different style of leading. It is your job to be what they need. The community is built through each year’s new freshman. It is your job that they, as individuals, grow in their learning of leadership. I would suggest that you make it clear from the beginning that you are here when they need you. The freshman knows when you are not giving your all. When you do not show devotion to the organization, as a leader, then the freshman will follow your example and not contribute their time to being involved in the organization. The effort you give as a leader causes a ripple effect in your followers, but this relationship goes both ways. …show more content…

The differences are what contribute to the group. During controversial discussions, you must create an atmosphere where they are able to them discuss a subject, but avoid them angry at the views of another. In order to do this, you must establish an open discussion early on where all opinions can be taken into account and respected. Once this is established the freshman not only feel more comfortable sharing, but they also create a positive dialogue between themselves. Not everyone is going to agree with each other’s opinion, but they need to be able to express it and feel comfortable doing so. Also, be prepared each freshman will become comfortable sharing at their own rate. Just give them time and unless necessary do not force them into the conversation. This will only make them feel less

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