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When the nomadic Magyar tribes finally settled in the Carpathian basin, around 895 A.D. they brought their animals with them, including, horses, sheep, cattle, shepherd dogs, guard dogs and ancient hunting dogs. Subsequently, these Magyar hunting hounds mixed with existing hounds that were left behind in temporary settlements by nomadic migrations, including Eurasian nomads, Iranian nomadic pastoral people, Romans, Celtic tribes, and Huns.
By 1000A.D the Christian kingdom of Hungary stretched from the Holy Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire, including Transylvania with the Carpathian Mountains forming a natural border in the SE. During this time the mixture of hounds in the kingdom had evolved into the Pannonian Hound, which is the ancestor of the
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Given the classification information stated in the course, explain why Labrador Retrievers might be the most popular breed as a family pet.
Given the classification information, Labrador Retrievers are LOW AGGRESSION, HIGH TRAINABILITY, and LOW REACTIVITY DOGS.
This translates into a dog that is calm and gentle, it does not seek constant attention from it’s owner, nor does it suffer from excessive barking issues. The Labrador retriever is a wonderful family pet that is gentle with children. It is also a very obedient breed, easy to train and housebreak. It is compatible with other dogs, and does not show territorial defence tendencies and is therefore unlikely to guard it’s territory and bark at the fence all day. Furthermore, they do not show any dominance over their owners, they are trusting, and are therefore good dogs even for inexperienced novices.
On the whole, based on the above, it is not surprising that Labrador retrievers may be the most popular breed as a family pet.

10. Explain, given the original purpose of their breeding, and their Kennel Club classification, why you think Border Collies have an instinctual tendency to
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