Descriptive English

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ENGL A211F Assignment The Structure of Modern English: Words and Sentences Ho Sik Long Kevin S11245660 _____________________________________________________________________ Question 1 – Explain the similarities and differences between prescriptive and descriptive grammars. Do you think that one type is more important/superior than the other type? Why and why not? Also how are they relevant to pedagogic grammar? _____________________________________________________________________ Descriptive grammar uses expect that the main power for what is exists in a language is the thing that its native speakers acknowledge and comprehend as a major aspect of their dialect. A speaker who says " I perhaps not going." Intending to say only that has created a sentence, which is grammatical in the lingo and register in which he or she is talking. This expression is "grammatical" (i.e. delivered by the language structure of a native speaker) for speakers of a few dialects of English and proper in diverse registers for those dialects. A descriptive grammar structure takes a gander at the way a language is actually used by its speakers and after that endeavors to investigate it and figure rules about the structure. Descriptive grammar does not manage what is great or awful language it uses; forms and structures that will not be used by the speakers with Standard English would be viewed as substantial and included. It is a sentence structure taking into account the way a dialect really is
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