Descriptive Essay About Dau Falls

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Dau Falls Right at the southwestern most tip of Cebu is the quaint town of Samboan. I’ve been living in Cebu for most of my life (I was born in Cebu City), but I’ve only heard about Samboan from a high school classmate who said she’s from there. However, she never mentioned her town’s tourist attractions, particularly its magnificent waterfalls. Perhaps because during that time, people weren’t so keen about going places and sharing their escapades. And poor me, the only waterfalls in Cebu south that I know was Mantayupan and Kawasan. That was enough for me then. Two decades past, and travel has become a popular commodity. With the help of social media and mobile communication, we hear and read about other people’s experiences and visits to both local and international attractions. Perhaps you too have heard about Dau Falls in Samboan over the Internet. And I tell you, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not an easy find. It’s not an easy destination despite the existence of ‘established’ paths and tour guides. Still, it is worth visiting. What’s so special about Dau Falls that you’ll have to endure an hour more of southbound drive when you can just stop at Barili’s Mantayupan or Badian’s Kawasan? First of all, Dau Falls is one of the three major falls in Samboan. If you take up the falls trilogy tour, visiting Dau is already in the package. Even if visiting three waterfalls may seem too much for an out-of-town trip, trust me, it’s worth every penny. Actually, opting

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