Patient Post Device Implantation Report

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The author’s department has cardiac device implantation for about nearly two years. However, cardiac ward nurses are facing problem with the preparation and care of patient about post cardiac devices implantation. The author who is the cardiac nurse clinician was asked to give a lecture to the nurses from the cardiac ward.

Teaching plan

Item Details
Preliminary Topic: Care of patient, post device implantation

Date: 24 October 2014

Duration: One Hour

Venue: Lecture Room – Ward 65

Objectives At the end of the lecture, nurses will be able to
1. Understand the indication for device implantation.
2. Preparation of patient undergoing the procedure.
3. Care of patient post procedure.
4. Describe appropriate action if complications …show more content…

Many of the nurse educators use self-reflection theory in clinical teaching because this is a very effective learning tool. Through this theory, students can take a holistic and individualized approach to learning that challenges the way they think, feel, and believe (Gibbs, 1988; Epp, 2008; Forneris and Peden-McAlpine, 2006; Jasper, 2003). Hence, nurse educators believe that students can learn more from reflective learning in order to think deeply and develop the skills efficiently (Jasper, 2006).

From the evaluation, I would like to review the content of the lecture. A effective presenter is to be able to give what the participant wants to know and the ability to remember what was shared instead of delivering everything that the presenter think the participant need to know. Dix, Greg, Hugles & Suzanne (2005) explained that teachers should not have to teach students everything and it is reasonable to expect that the students will already have some background knowledge. However, they remind teachers to ascertain this information by identifying pre-requisite knowledge before commencing session. In addition, Taylor (2006) has been described that self-reflection in nursing context is just the process of analyzing of practice to discover the underlying knowledge and …show more content…

In holding a discussion, like what my colleagues have shared, I must learn to control the group and not let it go out of focus. I also need to practice my speed of presenting and time management so that I do not spend too much time on either and end up having to rush through the presentation. I also realized that adding some humor in the presentation would help to lighten up the atmosphere. Through this self-reflection, I have better insight of my weakness and area of improvements (Harris, 2008). Overall, it was a good

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