Differences And Similarities Between The Lincoln Memorial And The Parthenon

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I have chosen to compare and contrast two buildings: the Parthenon and the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial built by the architect Henry Bacon in 1914 was influenced by Greeks. Around this time there was a lot of building being built in reference to the classic times becoming neoclassic period. The Lincoln Memorial was built in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., symbolizing the man who fought courageously for democracy. The Parthenon was built around 447-432 B.C. in Athenian Acropolis in dedication to Athena, the goddess of victory. I chose these works of art because they had many similarities when I began to do my research. These two work of art should be compared because they have the same building structure and although they were …show more content…

Henry Bacon when planning the Lincoln Memorial was inspired by the Parthenon. He wanted the memorial to symbolize Lincoln’s courageous battle for Democracy, depicting his values and simplicity. The Parthenon relates to its style movement because it was one of the few buildings to use Doric and Ionic structures in Greece creating a balance among both elements. It depicts Athena’s power and achievements. The Lincoln Memorial corresponds to its time period because it depicts its key point, the Civil Rights movement. At this time there was the reconciliation of the North and South, and freedom for the black which were shown in the murals done by Jules Guerin. The Parthenon corresponds to its period because it shows the Greek’s struggle against the Persians. It is shown in the myths, which outlines human suffering for Greek victory. It is seen in the shield of Athena, which shows the battle between Athenians and Amazons. The Parthenon was built in great detail depicting event that lead to Greek victory. It was a unified impression connecting the past through myths. The Lincoln Memorial was symbolizing America in Lincolns time period because all the conflict between sectional region and race. The memorial shows Lincoln’s success in reuniting and preserving the Union and destroying

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