Differences Between The Outsiders Book And Movie

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Recently in Language Arts we read the book “The Outsiders” and watched the movie. The outsiders is a story told from the perspective of Ponyboy Curtis, an intelligent 14 year old boy who lives on the east side of town. The main characters in the book are Ponyboy, Dallas, Sodapop, Johnny, Darry, Two bit, and Cherry. The town is split into two groups, the socs (wealthy) and the greasers (poor) and when the boys get into a fight with the socs and end up hurting another kid they need to make a decision on how they will continue with their lives being part of their gang. After reading the book and watching the movie there were a lot of similarities and differences that stood out to me. As I said before, there were many similarities that were important in this story. For example one big one was that Johnny killed Bob in the park in both the movie and the book. This one is important because the story would have changed a lot if it didn’t happen …show more content…

I did think that there were a couple that really stood out to me though. One difference was that in the movie the two parts of the town were addressed as the south side and the north side but in the book it was east and west sides. I’m not sure why the author would change it from the book but overall it didn’t make too much of a difference because they usually just called them either socs or greasers and didn’t refer to which part of town they lived on as much. Another difference I noticed was that in the book Sodapop and Dally has blonde hair unlike the book where they had black. Again, this didn’t change the book all that much but it may confuse some people because in the book the author described their personalities and characteristics a lot different than in the movie so you may not know who is talking in the movie unless they say the name. Those were a few of the many comparisons and contrasts that the book and movie

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