Brand Alliance Definition

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Brand Alliance

To occupy better position in the market, meet new standards and the ever growing competition, brand alliance between two or more well established brands is used as business strategy, a strategy which includes both of the production sectors. With this, co-branding comes in picture which includes the association of one product with more than one brand names. Another way of creating brand alliances is brand licensing in which one company, under an agreement, gets the permission to use some other brand’s name for some project or some limited amount of time. The next approach is cross marketing which demands the formulation and implementation of a joint marketing campaign strategy, allowing companies to promote each other and broaden
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These department officials have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the company brand/s. But not always is the power vested upon branding is understood. This serves as a disadvantage because successful market branding is an important, and easy if correctly implemented, route to visible gains in the market, enhancing the position and image in the market, popularity kept aside. This improved position includes loyal customers, high margins on sales and better tabulation as well as evaluation(or valuation) of the income, the business. Some key points that should be considered while formulating branding goals…show more content…
Product, service and branding attributes are important when it comes to making a purchase related decision. Some important elements are:
a. Brand name awareness
b. Brand reputation
c. Brand purchase loyalty
Much greater emphasis should be on selling organization, credibility rather that on individual brands and related features. How much is the brand name, product appearance, price and market distribution is important must be recognized with respect to each type of customer.

4. Service Brand

Brands fulfill some functions of a value system(or a value chain) relevant to customers but there are adjustments required to formulate and execute related brand strategies. These adjustments cater to the needs of the customers in cases where there is confusion because of alternatives available in the market or when the technical edge of intangible service brands is not understood(in case of financial or professional services). A strong identity of the brand is important as it creates trust in the organization’s service range and provides a differentiating parameter. Internal corporate culture can be improved by internal effective communication and adopting a more customer-friendly approach for branding. Services brands are relation-based both internally and

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