Impact Of Digital Marketing And Online Brand Alliance

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Impact of Digital Marketing and Online Brand Alliance A Case of Wal-Mart and Amazon 2.0 Literature review 2.1 Introduction This chapter explains the objectives and variables of the study under the light of previous scholars to develop a clear understanding on this topic. This chapter entails the studies on current topic by past researchers and scholars. This chapter highlights the impact of digital marketing and brand alliance in the case of Wal-Mart and amazon in view of previous scholars and researchers. The relationship is observed in case of Wal-Mart and amazon brand alliance. Later in this chapter the impact is described through models, theories and earlier practices to develop the reliability of this study. This chapter has significant…show more content…
TCii (2011) describes the importance of digital marketing that as the world is moving from analogue towards digital, people are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis just as increased usage of mobiles, computers at works laptops and other gadgets-the companies who have yet not recognized this in their marketing strategies need to adopt it fast. The pace at which world is focusing on digital marketing it is possible that soon it will eliminate the traditional forms of…show more content…
Leading brands have focused on building partnerships and alliances to reach each and every segment which has enabled these companies to offer more variety of products, better quality convenience and content. Alliances with leading portals search engines and websites helps in generating traffic and can provide brand a competitive edge over online customers because of its availability. 2.3.5 Importance of Online Brand Alliances Online brand alliances is relevant to the entrepreneurial firms who are unable to reach a wide variety of consumers and by utilizing this alliance they may overcome the problem of reaching economies and accessing markets. It helps the online retailing websites to get more popularity among B2B operating companies and helps in generating traffic through ppc (pay per click). While on the other hand it helps brick and mortar brands to reach the users worldwide and developing a two way relations with its customers. 2.4 Digital marketing and online Brand

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