Disadvantages Of Child Care Essay

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IV. Disadvantages of Child Care The child’s benefits depend on the quality of their child care. The quality depends on two very important factors: people and environment. They should be taken care of by well educated and specialised nurturers and nurses -in the best case even a pedagogue. These care takers should be patient, nice, open and willing to facilitate and support the children, since they have a vital character, as the new role models, for the children. They are supposed to behave exemplary and teach ethical and moral behaviour. As a consequence of the rapid demand increase in child care, one can assume that the majority of employees do not full fill the images described above. The circumstances of demand for child care exceeding the supply of social workers, lead to immense differences between standards and reality.…show more content…
This is where theory and praxis differ badly. Low income families are more likely to choose the cheapest offer there is. Hence, there will be a distinction in organisations. The more expensive child care organizations are only taken into consideration by families that are willing and able to pay more. Consequently, expensive child care will almost exclusively have “higher-income-kids”. Cheaper child caring centres are more attractive to low-income children. Poorer parents might thoroughly consider all options, but come to the conclusion that the opportunity costs of paying more exceed the disadvantages of the less expensive child care. On that account, the accumulation of low-income organisations supports the development of educational, behavioural as well as moral differences and include a higher risk of bringing forth low education problems like: crime, drug abuse, teenage childbearing. These distinctions may lower the short- and long- run reputation of child care which could decrease
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