Disadvantages Of Cyber Slang

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Cyber slang is a type of language which was created and popularized by internet users. These words are created from a mixture of letters and numbers or abbreviations used to shorten words for instant conversations. And some of these terms or abbreviations originated from chats, blogging, statuses and online gaming. The use of cyber slang or the internet slang is one of the fast pacing trends of this generation and its evolution contributes to the formation of vocabulary as it adds up new words to the dictionary every year. New words and terms are being accepted due to its universal use, the word “netizen” for instance is now used to refer to people who actively use the internet. According to Andersson and Trudgill (1992) as cited in The Uses …show more content…

These weaknesses are (a) it does not help enhance the vocabulary of an individual (b) not everyone understands specific slangs and (c) cyber slang creates a whole new type of grammar that students adapt which is not accepted for academic purposes. Therefore, the proponents of this study concluded that because of the fast pace of everyday living of this generation students tend to use cyber slang in social interaction for a prompt dissemination of information from one individual to another despite of the negative perceptions they have about it. The results and conclusions that have been gathered by the researchers led to the following recommendations. Although cyber slang is widely used and accepted in the online community it is not that versatile. It is merely an effect of the ongoing trends caused by the adaptation of the fast moving society in the present. It is a form of communication which limits the meaning of messages. However, cyber slang can be classified as a unique style of cyber language. It is indeed faster to use and it has the capacity to make conversations livelier and more enjoyable to

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