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Recources - Equality- The selection of reources in classrooms promote equality by having a few of the same thing, and areas big enough for a group of children. The recources are all at their level so they can acces them. There is a video that children could watch to understand racism in a way they 'd understand. The video is about a box of crayons, and how the colours don 't like eachother, there is a poem/story that goes along with it, it goes like this:
The Crayon Box That Talked
While walking in a toy store, the day before today I overheard a crayon box with many things to say! I don 't like red, said yellow. And Green said, Nor do I. And no one here like orange, but no one knows just why.
We are a box of crayons that doesn 't get along, …show more content…

Diversity- Recources can promote diversity in many ways, there can be songs played from different countries and they can be compared to eachother, the children can write about the instruments used and which one was their fabourite and why. Things like food tasting could also be an option, if a child in the setting is from a different country they could be asked what is their favourite food from their home country and then that could be arranged for a taster day, children could also do activities where their eyes are covered, ears blocked or with one arm tied behind their back to see how it feels to have an impairment or disability, this will get the children to understand how life is for the chldren and people who have those …show more content…

Dressing up clothes- Equality- Dressing up clothes can promote equality by having a range of different sizes, shapes and both clothes for boys and girls. However the teacher should never stop a boy putting on a dress or a girl putting on a steryotypical 'boys costume. ' Children should be aloud to put on what they please. The clothes can promote equality by showing children that everyone can be a princess if they want to. Most costumes have velcro at the back so they are easy to put on, especially for wheelchair users. Diversity- Dressing up clothes celebrate diversity because they can get clothes from different countries, such as a belly dancing costume which can cover a few countries, some places also have costumes which resemble the national dress from a specific country or religion. When the children put the outfits on they can learn about how people live in those countries, some costumes are difficult to put on so the children can realise how much hassle the people who wear them normally have. The dressing up clothes celebrate diversity by giving children the choice to wear what they want, no matter their gender, they can freely wear their outfit of choice and learn about where you might see someone

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