Donald J. Trump's Essay: A Nation Without Borders

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Nations Without Borders

Donald J. Trump stated that “a nation without borders is not a nation”, in other words, a country should mostly be surrounded by borders and protection. This essay will be discussing if that the idea can make the world a better place and what the positive and negative points that come out of it are. The essay will be covering three big points. Protection, the definition of a nation and culture and traditions. Protection is the main reason why nations do not have open borders everywhere. The past two years have shown us what could go wrong if their isn’t constant protection around our nation. Protection security could also be a substitute for building walls around the border however it does cost a lot of money and so does building a wall. As Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and the United States for protection. The question people now start to ask is who will pay for this wall? The wall could cost from twelve to twenty five billion dollars and the people who build it should be payed too. The terrain that the wall will be built on, has hills which will make it even more expensive to build (Garfield). This shows how much a border wall could cost including the amount of money spent for security guards and cameras. …show more content…

Not only are nations becoming more universal, the phrase ‘nation’ is fading too. There are hardly any true nations in the world because of how easy it is to enter some countries. Countries were named so that people knew where you came from and could identify who you are, it sounds quite obvious but look at the percentage of people that do not come from your country and live there. Countries are losing their labels and are becoming more of a mixed nation. And the easier it will become to transport, the more mixed countries will be. This could mean other countries could take over

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