Undocumented Immigrants Essay

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Why Undocumented Immigrants Should be Granted a Work Visa There are approximately 12.5 million undocumented immigrants in the United States as of 2017, according to the Federation of American Immigration Reform. Each one fearing deportation every day, hoping that homeland security officers don’t barge into their homes and take their chance at the American Dream away. Undocumented immigrants are people who have no choice but to come into the United States illegally and they deserve a path to take to become a legal immigrant. The hatred towards undocumented immigrants is mostly formed by inaccurate beliefs. Whenever people think of any type of immigrant, they often form an abhorrence and fear towards them, thinking that they are taking …show more content…

This statistic proves that racism and unfair suspicion are the reasons why illegal immigrants are feared, rather than an accurate reason to fear the entry of illegal immigrants. Also, by granting the current undocumented immigrants only a work visa, also known as the H1B visa, the population of immigrants in the US will remain fairly the same, because immigrants can’t use this type of visa to bring their families to the United States. “Once obtained, an H-1B visa allows its bearer to stay and work in the U.S. legally for up to three years. After those three years, the visa can be renewed for up to six total years”; in addition, the recipient of the visa would need to be employed in a full-time job, which needs to require the employee to have at least a bachelor's degree. This kind of visa allows immigrants to have a chance at the American Dream while not giving the rest of the US fear of their security being compromised. Beliefs based on false information shouldn’t be the reason why a family should suffer in the poor conditions of their homeland

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