Double Envelopment Essay

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The envelopment is a maneuver in which a secondary attack attempts to hold the enemy's center while one single envelopment or both flank; double envelopment is where the enemy is attacked or overlapped in a push to the enemy's rear in order to threaten the enemy's communications and line of retreat. This forces the enemy to fight in several directions and possibly be destroyed in position. New variations include vertical envelopments or Airborne Troops or airmobile troops and amphibious envelopments (Goodman,1993). Noted single envelopments were accomplished by Alexander the Great at Arbela in 331 BC, Robert E. Lee at Chancellorsville in 1863, and Erwin Romme at Gazala in 1942, leading to the capture of Tobruk; famous double envelopments include those of Hannibal at the Battle of …show more content…

The historical roots of strategy and tactics date back to the origins of human warfare and the development of large-scale government and empire (Goodman, 2018). The dense tactical infantry formation of overlapping shields called the phalanx, for example, existed in an early form in ancient Sumer (c.3000 BC). The development of strategy and tactics parallels to some extent the growth, spread, and clash of civilizations; technological discoveries and refinements; and the evolution of modern state power, ideology, and nationalism (Goodman, 2018). There is many parts to war and how we execute these wars, but always having a strategy and having the tactics to execute in war is the most essential part of war. We have fought in many wars and battles since the beginning of the United States but the most recent war we have been fighting has been the War On

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