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According to Daniel Pink’s book Drive, Pink argues about why moving to motivation 3.0 and type I behavior would help create a new operating system to help our own selves, our companies and our world to become more motivated. Pink also states that we have three innate psychological needs which are competence, autonomy, and relatedness, when these needs are satisfied our motivation boost up. I agree with pink, people like autonomy because it gives them control over what they’re doing so they feel motivated and connected. Pink suggested a new approached to motivation, he called this theory Self-Determination, this is motivation 3.0, and people get more freedom to work however they want as long as it gets done in a certain time period. The three elements of type I behavior are autonomy. mastery, purpose. Mastery is when someone makes progress on what they’re working on and has a growth mindset and focuses on a long term…show more content…
There are elements of type I behavior that I would like to incorporate in my future career, autonomy does work but to a certain extent, they have autonomy during their work hours when they need to check things off on their to do list while caring for the patients, “humans have a desire to be autonomous, self- determined” (Pink 71). They have autonomy when working because they are determined to get their task done. Mastery would also be incorporated because nurses need intrinsic motivation to do what they’re doing, “Mastery is the desire to get better and better at something that matters” (Pink 98). As a nurse I would want to succeed every day at my job to do better and better with my patients and grow my knowledge. Purpose is also really important because most reasons on why people become nurses is because they have compassion for others and don’t do it for the money, pink sates that purpose is doing something meaningful and contributing to the

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