Drowsy Chaperone Play Analysis

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The Drowsy Chaperone was a very successful musical, and I enjoyed watching the different themes. The cast did an amazing job dancing, singing, acting, and remembering their lines. As I watched, I was truly amazed at how well the play 's layout was done, including the set, props, and lighting. The play was done so well, that I barely noticed any mistakes. The characters made successful physical choices which created the perfect play. My favorite part of the play, was in the beginning when the characters came out of the refrigerator and danced altogether. This was amazing, and I was not expecting that to happen. My two favorite characters in the play were The Man in Chair, played by Jim Crisp, and Janet van de Graaff, played by Sara Koohang. They both …show more content…

He talked over the music, and I could always understand what he was saying which was very important because I sat in the back of the theater. Janet van de Graaff was a very interesting character. She was a young bride who was very nervous about getting married. Everyone adored her effortless beauty and superstar status, and she did an amazing job portraying that role. She would sit with her head held high, great poster, and always had a smile. In all, the musical was done wonderfully. She reacted well with others characters throughout the play. As she sung, she used face expressions to depict her feelings. The way she changed clothes so fast was just truly unbelievable. Her voice was amazing, and she was always on the beat with everything. In all, the musical was done wonderfully. The only problem I noticed was the music was too loud, and the characters had to really talk loud to be heard. All of the characters remembered their lines, and there weren 't major problems. I immediately grew a relationship with Man in Chair and Janet van de Graaff due to their excellent choices they made. I would definitely go watch this musical

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