Taking Drugs In Sports

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Type of Drugs and Effects of use of prohibited drugs in sports
Drug is a chemical substances that, when absorbed into the body, can alter normal bodily function (Wallace, n.d.). Drugs have been banned disadvantage to athlete during they are taking sports and can influence their health risk. According to (Box, 2013), most of the athlete are taking drug when they are participating in Olympic games, that can be useful and can gain more advantage to win in this competition. The reason why sportspeople take drugs because they want to improve their physical performance not lose by other competitors, although it does mean can damage health and will have risk on their sport careers. Sometimes, athlete use drugs for relaxing their mind when they are …show more content…

These figures have been adjusted for inflation.
First, let me discuss about one type of the drug is called diuretics (BBC, 2014, p.1). It can remove fluid from athlete’s body by making the weigh and hide other drug use. Such as, boxing. There is a side effect, it can causes severy dehydration which mean it occurs when athlete use or lose more fluid than they take in and their body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions. Like when sportspeople are playing boxing with their partner, they will feel not well in their body because by taking diuretics, it can influence body cannot have enough water to use in their body. As human, we should have enough water in our body so can active in any particular sports. If they don’t replace lost fluids, they will get dehydrated as long as they take diuretics during sports. The others affect of it also can dry athlete’s mouth (Ogbru, 2014, p.4). For example, diuretics will affect athlete’s lips on their mouth by saying that they will feel dry and normally they will take more mineral water to avoid dry happen on their lips mouth. Especially, when they are eating something but it is not appetizing cause by dry mouth. So, it will hard to them for eating. Furthermore, taking diuretics could give another side effect too like headache (Elis, 2013). During exercise …show more content…

Anabolic steroids was created to be undetectable by current drug tests and they made without approved by medical doctor. The word ‘anabolic’ is referring to increase body muscle building for mens athlete to make their muscle is more bigger than others sportspeople (as citing in National Institute Drug Abuse, 2012). When they are having big muscle, they have enough energy to perform better performance during sports. Like, they can join any particular activity to gain top ranking and prizes after won the competition. Based on Food and Drug Administration (FDA), anabolic steroids haven’t been tests to represent health for athletes. Apart from this, many of them are taking anabolic steroids at doses that are much higher than those prescribed for medical reasons. The men and women athlete will be having severe acne on their face too by taking anabolic steroids. For example, they will be facing many pimple on their face and feel pain when pimple have became swelling on athlete’s face. From this apart, will be difficult to them for washing their own face when they are taking bath after sports. Meanwhile, it can also effect both of women and men will be out body hair. It is normal for men have body hair but for women it is bad. But if they are taking anabolic steroids, it will out more body hair and made their body will feel amused about the hair body on

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