Drugstore Marketing Case Study

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Does Causal Marketing Matter in the Drugstore Business?

Does Causal Marketing Matter in the Drugstore Business?
Drugstore business encountered fierce competition with multiple retailers. Other than professional knowledge and legal protections, drugstores needed to win consumer’s trust by creating a favorable image. Based on the theory of planned behavior (TPB), the current research brought the concept of cause-related marketing into the model, and hypothesized that the consumer’s perceived cause moderates the relationship within TPB variables. 262 consumers of drugstores were gathered for testing. Test results confirm the applicability of TPB, of which subjective norm is the strongest predictor, followed by perceived behavior
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As a result, valueformoneyistakenby the customers asapre-requisite criterion while making choice of shops. Today, consumersareincreasinglyaware at the brandbehind the product or serviceandthebusinessbehindthebrand. To create and maintain a quality customer relationship, cause-related marketing (CRM) provides that opportunity for the emotional as well as rational engagement of customers and other stakeholders (Adkins,…show more content…
Theory of planned behavior
Theory of planned behavior (TPB) is very popular theoretical background that was frequently used in a wide variety of human behaviors in management, marketing, healthcare, education, and many others. Extended from the theory of reasoned action (TRA), TPB added a new construct of perceived behavior control (PBC) to gain better explanation (Ajzen, 1985; Armitage & Conner, 2001).
As noted and evidenced by the literature, TPB is an easy and stable foundation for researchers to understand the variables behind a behavior. It was found in every field of study, disregarding whether the behavior is within the scope of healthcare or not. In other words, as long as there is a behavior, there is a TPB. The current research attempts to understand the consumer’s behavior intention of buying from a particular drugstore, and to test the possible moderating effects of consumer’s perception of causes of that drugstore. It is thus appropriate to apply TPB in this

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