During The Holocaust Persuasive Essay

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The annex was a safe place to be in during the holocaust. Jews could no longer be in the streets or go out to get groceries, they had to tell people who were legal in germany to go buy stuff for them. You cannot take a lot of stuff to the annex because you do not have enough space to put everything because their are going to be a lot of people in such a tight space. If you do bring a lot of stuff where are you going to put them. The small amount of stuff that I would bring i would keep it right by my bed and not let anyone touch it. If i were in that situation I would bring my favorite journal because I would sometimes get very bored and wright random stuff on it, also because it is the only thing that I could trust to let out all my problems and secrets that nobody else will know about, and also I like to read everything I wrote and added on through the months and days. I would take …show more content…

But I would trust my notebook because of course my notebook can’t talk. And I would keep that notebook in my room under my mattress. I would not let nobody read it. I won’t even let anybody touch it until i die. I wouldn’t let anybody touch it because it if someone reads it, everybody will know my secrets. The third and final reason that I would take my journal would be to read it all over again every time I write on it. I would read it because I want to know how much I have changed throughout the years. I would also know how improved in drawing I got and how much I improved in my grammer. I would also read it to know how my secret have changed and how many more secret I got throughout the years. Just like Anne Frank I want to make history In conclusion, I would take my journal for three reasons, to get my mind off of the war an into my own little world, to let it all out and to make

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