Nvq Level 2 Unit 2 Health And Social Care Values

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Learning aim A explore the care value that underpin current practice in health and social care

We have done role play with young people with disabilities and old people and we demonstrate Confidentiality Dignity, Respect for the individual Safeguarding duty of care A person-centered approach to care delivery.Young people with a disability it was ok, we done with them how to decoration make Christmas card we down because Christmas is coming soon so we decided in group that we will do with them Christmas care and degradation it was very fun and there are very happy I use only some of them because we don't have enough time to play but still I use much I can.i have improved more about this.

Aim A:Valuing
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Care and support needs ought to be the way made to suit every person.

Why is Individuality Important?
In a full people, one is relied upon to fit in with the masses, where keeping up a manner turns into a heavy duty.Note impacts development keeps up our being. The way is important to a community

In success and social care framework any shopper of the group should be drawn nearer with respect and balance.moving toward people with respect and pride could go frome saying please or thank you.

Why is the right is important:

Is very important who work in health and social care because human rights are imperative in the relationships that are in the midst of people and the government that has power over them.

For examples right
A few cases of human rights include The right to freedom and chance. The Right to the quest for joy. The right to carry on with our life free of leave-taking
Every person ought to be supported to live on choices about their care and support. They should to be given data in a way that they can see so they can pick on expert
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Support people, be that as it may, a focal test for wellbeing improvement and to the World Health Plan as it concerns people and groups developing power over their lives and their wellbeing.

For Examples empowerment:
Building up the lighting in the day focus to empower individual with a hearing impedance to lip read will bolster them in participate with a talk as different to feeling like an outsider.

Inclusive: We are aware of the making up of the group we are working with how thoughtful are thy of the local population. We dine ways to involve people who have not use the centre so far but might have an interest in doing so we help making cared.
Why is inclusion important:A whole school is an clean preparing ground for good living since day by day social, physical and learned relationship between teenagers who are usually creating and their excellent needs peers means stand-ins create.
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