Eastern School Bus Swot Analysis

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Business Strategy
Task 1
The Company
Eastern School Bus Transport located In Nassau, Bahamas is a privately owned new bus transportation company in its formative stages. Its main purpose is to assist the local community with getting students and staff from the five (5) local schools in the district to get to and from school efficiently, effectively and safely. There is only one competitor in this market that is Government owned. After many complaints from individuals in the community it is indicated that a new entrant school bus transportation company could be expected to capture a significant portion of the school transport market.
The Company’s Mission
The mission of Eastern School Bus Transport is to provide a safe, licensed transportation
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The inability to apply the model is solely based on the fact that the school transportation system does not have products in each quadrant, and that there is or should be steady movement of products among the quadrants as they progress in their life cycle. Although it does offer categorization options and measure according to business unit strength and industry attractiveness it is still not applicable in this context. The matrix needs to be applied with accelerated speed, while balancing the investments between exploration in new segments and exploitation of established segments. Therefore a more practical model that can be used is the Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT analysis. This matrix does reveal that a one size fit all approach is one of the common failures in business strategy. The only indicator suggesting that applying the BCG matrix would be effective for companies seeking volume and experience effects and it provides a base for management to decide and prepare for future actions. The BCG matrix is based on the concept that market share can be achieved by spending more on the marketing…show more content…
Bus drivers can communicate with each other and with the central control unit as well as their global positions can be monitored for safety and alternative routings. As well as implementing an automatic fare collection (AFC) system this will take the place of actual cash when using the bus transportation system.
The legal factors must be examined properly to ensure that all the laws of the country and safety standards are met at all times during the operational period. For instance, In the Bahamas like in the United States, seat belts are not required to be worn by passengers on a school bus. This can be argued as a safety hazard by many but studies have shown that improper use of seat belts can be just as harmful as not wearing them at all.
One of the major reasons for school transportation is to reduce to usage of private vehicles for the school and work commute. Too many cars cause in increase in traffic jams, cars are the leader in emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. According to Michael Replogle in a study completed in 2013;
“Ditching cars for buses, bikes, or good ole fashioned walking in cities can reduce pollution by 40 percent by

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