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Reducing your sugar consumption can reduce the health risks of eating sugar. One way to get your sugar consumption down and reduce those health risks is to do a sugar detox.

Sugar comes with many disguises. Read the labels of your favorite foods and you 'll see that sugar is found in many of the foods you buy at the grocery store. Even foods you might not suspect can contain sugar.

On those labels, look for words like glucose, fructose, maltose and dextrose. Just about any --ose word signifies sugar. And if you read a little closer on those labels, you 'll find the percentages of those --ose ingredients are surprisingly high.

Did you know that a food label lists the ingredients by percentage, with the ingredient with the highest …show more content…

Candida Albicans -- Candida Albicans loves sugar. Eating a lot of sugar can cause an overgrowth of candida, making it spread outside the intestines invading just about any part of the body. This yeast can attack your eyes, ears, brain, heart, your reproductive tract, or any number of other areas of the body.
Heart Disease -- Studies have shown that a diet high in sugar, any type of sugar, increase the risk of heart disease.
Damage to vital organs -- Sugar can increase the size of your liver and kidneys, causing the liver cells to divide and causing pathological changes in kidneys. It can also increase liver fat, and damage your pancreas.
Cancer -- Cancer is another organism that absolutely adores sugar. Want to grow a cancer you already have? Give it sugar! Want to starve the cancer, starve it by depriving it of sugar.
And the list goes on and one, but just these health risks alone are enough to scare the bejeebers out of anyone. So what 's a body to do?
First and foremost, evaluate your daily sugar intake. Make it a priority to reduce your intake to less than ten percent of daily calories. If this is a problem, you might want to consider doing a sugar detox
Make your health a priority by lowering your sugar intake and doing a sugar detox and your body will thank you

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