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There is always a time in life, when someone or something comes along and leaves an impact on our lives, a force of influence that inspires us. I believe inspiration is unique to every person. It is that thing that strikes you and somehow creates something meaningful for you, that makes you want to do more or triggers creativity. It gives you that extra incentive to pursue the thing that makes you achieve. A woman named Emily Harvard has inspired me a lot to overcome my fears of judgment and what others think.
During my last year of high school, I took a motivation class that has changed the course of my life. I would never forget Emily Harvard, as she shared her personal stories with the entire class. When she was 11 years old, her dad was arrested. She moved to Los Angeles to a small town in Idaho where she was approached from parents telling her that she can no longer play with their child at school. In school whenever there was a fight, her mom was the first to be called because she might have been there. After all, she was her father’s daughter. When she would ask people …show more content…

I looked at her and I saw myself, because growing up I was one of many kinds who became a victim of bulling. I was always the shortest one among my friends, classmates, and family members. When I started high school, I would be constantly criticized for being too short. I would be called names all the time. Such as, smally, midget, dwarf, and so on. I felt embarrassed, humiliated, emotionally abused, and insecure. I kept hoping that they would stop, but they never did. Every night, I would pray to god to take my life in order to end my misery. I remember when I tried to interview for a job position, the interviewer said to me “I need someone who is going to be taken seriously, I don’t need an elf.” His words felt like knives stabbing me in the heart and left wounds that never

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