Emperors Club Analysis

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Before watching film:
1.What is the name of film?
-Emperors Club
2. When was the film made?
-November 22, 2002
3. Who are the main actors? -Kevin Kline as William Hundert -Emile Hirsch as Sedgewick Bell
4.What does the title suggest to you? -the word “club” first came up in my mind it is about clubbing of mens, but I was wrong when I watched this film.

While Watching the Film:
Type of film: -Drama
Type of segments: -descriptive

Viewing Notes:
*William Hundert
-an admirable and intelligent teacher of St. Benedict’s Academy, school of boys. A next headmaster of this school.
*Sedgewick Bell
-a son of U.S Senator, a troublemaker and a spoiled brat boy, and one of the student of Mr.Hundert in St.Benedict Academy.
*Martin Blythe
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In the word “Club” first come from my mind it’s about clubbing of mens or different kinds of club in the world but I was wrong, my curiousity ends when I focus and concentrate in this film, now I know that this film is about in the teaching profession and to the students.
And now I realized why Ms. David proposed this film because it’s about in the field of teaching. A different kinds of teaching that we have, how the way the teacher teach, and how the students learn them. It’s a great opportunity to me that I’m assign to watched this film and to critic this.
Yes, this film is a good, a wonderful film, and we can learn a lesson not only for the students, teachers, but also for the entire family. In this movie, if I’m a teacher I would not do the same things that Mr.Hundert done, he is a great and intelligent teacher but when he did gave Mr. Bell the position in that contest he made a wrong decision. And also Mr.Bell made a mistake too because he don’t want to lost himself, he don’t want to feel losing just like his father, so he cheated in that contest. In everyone’s life we can make a mistakes, we can make a wrong decisions for the sake of others, yes because of our wrong decisions, our mistakes we do hurt, but after all we realized that we were wrong and we learn a
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This quote “Great ambition without contribution is without significance”- by Mr. William Hundert and he says – it does not matter if we reach our goal in life, become the teacher of the year, or the richest man in the world without making a difference is accomplished and all your endeavors are not worth remembering, even Mr.Hundert made a mistake he mean it. His a intelligent and a good teacher his intension is to help only Bell that’s why he made that mistake. Yes truly that he says effort make a big contribute to us, a little effort we can help, we can contribute to others, and in a little effort we made are self happy. And all at all in this film we learn a lesson. Godbless

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