Empirical Literature Review: Review Of Service Quality

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2.4 Empirical literature review
The information obtained from the empirical research of a study serves to support and provide evidence for the stated problem and the accompanying research questions According to the fact that service is less tangible than a product, the major portion of service quality is found within the delivery. However, customers’ expectations play an important role, since the expectations concerning service significantly differ from those referring to products. Moreover, customer’s expectations vary according to the service type. The importance of customers’ expectations highlights the fact that product quality represents its ranking according to established standards. When consumers assess product or service quality, it is performed according to internal standards, actually the expected quality of service. Therefore, the expectations are internal standards upon which the consumer ranks the quality of delivered service (Ljubojevis, 2004).

2.4.1 Service quality
Service quality is defined as a comparative function between consumer expectations and actual service performance (Parasuraman et al. 1985). It is further explained that service quality is an ability of an organization to meet or exceed customer expectations. It has also been defined as the customers’ overall impressions of an organization’s services in terms of relative superiority or inferiority (Johnston, 1995). Further, service quality is considered to not only to meet but to exceed

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