Employee Retenment In Human Resource Management

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Many times it happens that an organization loses great

employee to a competitor for no visible reason. Companies

already know that wages and benefits are important to

employees ,but compensation alone is not enough to keep the

highly skilled and experienced workforce.

Employees are already under stress of work load, they may

feel disempowered, de-motivated and performance is likely to

suffer. The challenge before HR is to engage employees in the

organization to make them feel the part of the organization

and to help them grow.

All companies are aware that they need to do a better job of

managing their people. Organizations need employees who

are committed , flexible and ready to participate in decisions,
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To enhance good professional relationships at

work,the management should have respect for the individual,

Relationship with the immediate manager, individual

development ,recruit whole heartedly .etc.


Lack of support from management can sometimes serve as a

reason for employee retention.supervisor should support his

subordinates in a way so that each one of them is a success.

Management can support employees by providing them

recognition and appreciation.


Why is retention so important? The answer is to hold talented

employees from getting poached. Employee retention is

critical to the long term health and success of any business

and the managers readily agree that retaining the best

employees ensures customer satisfaction , product sales,

satisfied co-workers and reporting staff .etc.

By retaining an employee organization doesn’t have to face

issues such as training time and investment, lost knowledge,

mourning, insecure co-workers and a costly canidate search

aside. The process of employee retention will benefit an

organization in the following ways:

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7.Keep providing them feedback on their performance

8.Recognize and appreciate their achievements

9.Keep their morale high

10.Conduct various engagement activities such as humsafar,

khel, seva, manoranjan, sampadan.

These practises can be categorized in 3 levels-low, medium,

high level.


If employee engagement is not evaluated and dealt with soon,

then disengaged employees will grow and negative employee

satisfaction issues can result in major loss to an organization.

Organization should always arrange some engagement

activities to retain the employee. engagement activities and

other factors like compensation , growth , relationship ,

support and company brand name plays a dominant part in


The changing trends in the organization certainly changes the

perception of the employees towards the organization which

for sure helps in retaining the
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